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Forgiveness quotes offer ways to forgive to those who find it hard or difficult to let things go. Most people will be confronted with this issue sometime in their lives.

These forgiveness quotes have helped me realize that I possess the power to truly forgive. It seems to me that life is too short for any of us to be miserable for many years because we can't forgive.

The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.
-Marianne Williamson

Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much.
-Oscar Wilde

Forgiveness is a funny thing, it warms the hearts and cools the sting.
-Peter Allen

How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself.
-Publilius Syrus

Forgiveness is the final form of love.
-Reinhold Niebuhr A mistake is always forgivable, rarely excusable, and always unacceptable.
-Robert Fripp

To be social is to be forgiving.
-Robert Frost

Forgiveness is the remission of sins. For it is by this that what has been lost, and was found, is saved from being lost again.
-Saint Augustine

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.
-Suzanne Somers

He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven.
-Thomas Fuller

Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting.
-William Arthur Ward

It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.
-William Blake Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast.
-Marlene Dietrich

Life is an adventure in forgiveness.
-Norman Cousins

Forgiveness is the economy of the heart... forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.
-Hannah More

God will forgive me. It's his job.
-Heinrich Heine

I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a canceled note - torn in two, and burned up so that it never can be shown against one.
-Henry Ward Beecher

When women love us, they forgive us everything, even our crimes; when they do not love us, they give us credit for nothing, not even our virtues.
-Honore de Balzac

The ineffable joy of forgiving and being forgiven forms an ecstasy that might well arouse the envy of the gods.
-Elbert Hubbard

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realized that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.
-Emo Philips

I believe in the forgiveness of sin and the redemption of ignorance.
-Adlai E. Stevenson

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