Cell Phone Customer Service

by Carolyn
(Fay., NC, USA)

I have tried time after time to remain calm when I speak with customer representatives because they are not all bad. However, there are some that makes me absolutely crazy. My cell phone provider could learn a thing or two about customer service. If I am lucky enough to get someone that I can understand, or understands my problem, I am on hold FOREVER. My most recent experience was with a cell phone rep that obviously had a bad day. I explained my problem and I was on hold for 40 minutes while the representative was trying to figure out how and why they made a mistake of overcharging me $5 on my bill; he could not help me, so when I asked for his supervisor he actually laughed and hung up on me!!! OMG! How upsetting!! I felt smoke coming out of my ears. All in all, I finally spoke with a supervisor and everything worked out, only after spending an additional 25 minutes on hold!!

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