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Some of these family quotes are jarring. Serena Williams reported that tennis is just a game. Family is forever. Suzanne Vega made it clear that you have to defend your honor. In addition, your family.

These impressive family quotes have given me a unique feeling of happiness.

I grew up in a big family with a lot of kids around, and I definitely want to have children as well.
-Heidi Klum

I've always put my family first and that's just the way it is.
-Jamie Lee Curtis

I am the baby in the family, and I always will be. I am actually very happy to have that position. But I still get teased. I don't mind that.
-Janet Jackson

If one is desperate for love, I suggest looking at one's friends and family and see if love is all around. If not, get a new set of friends, a new family.
-Jasmine Guy

There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.
-Jerry Seinfeld

For me, nothing has ever taken precedence over being a mother and having a family and a home.
-Jessica Lange

I am tortured when I am away from my family, from my children. I am horribly guilt-ridden.
-Jessica Lange

I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.
-Jet Li

Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches.
-Jim Carrey

When I remember my family, I always remember their backs. They were always indignantly leaving places.
-John Cheever

I grew up in a family in which political issues were often discussed, and debated intensely.
-Joseph E. Stiglitz

As a general thing, when a woman wears the pants in a family, she has a good right to them.
-Josh Billings

We love to be with our family and friends and I can tell you that lots of eating will be involved.
-Julia Barr

A family can develop only with a loving woman as its center.
-Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

A woman can plan when to have her family and how to support a family.
-Kathleen Turner

I'll never stop dreaming that one day we can be a real family, together, all of us laughing and talking, loving and understanding, not looking at the past but only to the future.
-LaToya Jackson

When I'm ready, I plan to adopt. I still believe in family.
-LaToya Jackson

The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.
-Lee Iacocca

I love my family.
-Manute Bol

Family life itself, that safest, most traditional, most approved of female choices, is not a sanctuary: It is, perpetually, a dangerous place.
-Margaret Drabble

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